About YCat

YCat: Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness began as a workshop and later developed into a three level training program with the option of a 100 hr certificate of attendance or a 300 hour YCat therapy certification. YCat is open to Yoga teachers who have completed their 200-hour training and have six months of teaching experience as well as health care professionals.* The program was created by the late Jnani Chapman who said, “I created YCat Yoga Therapy programs in 1997 after seeing the many challenges that cancer patients face during treatments, hospitalizations and recovery at home. By introducing appropriately adapted Yoga therapy like YCat, people can reduce the severity of distressing side effects from cancer and treatment. We consistently hear, “I feel so much better.” YCat teachers are trained to understand underlying concepts and physiological rationales of Yoga and cancer in order to meet their students where they are and individualize their sessions and classes safely and authenticallly.

For more information, contact Sandra Susheela : ycatsandra@yahoo.com


YCat Mission

provide an evidence-based experiential framework adapting the
practices of Yoga safely for people with cancer and multiple medical issues.

YCat Curriculum

based in nursing process and uses a body, organs and systems orientation combined with the ancient teachings of Yoga.

*Pre-requisites: Any Licensed Health Professional(LHP) is welcome to attend all YCat levels. LHP’s will receive a certificate of attendance. To receive certification of training, LHP’s need to complete a 200-hour Yoga teacher training.

YCat & Integral Yoga

YCat is based in the Integral Yoga tradition and the teachings of Swami Satchidananda. A pioneer in Yoga as a complement to medical care, Swami Satchidananda’s students have created integrative and life style change programs. “For decades, Integral Yoga has been introduced into medical and therapeutic settings through programs such as Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease.” Other Integral Yoga teachers include, YCat founder Jnani Chapman,Nischala Joy Devi who created Yoga of the Heart, Michael Lerner, President and co-founder of Commonweal Cancer Help Programs and Dr. Amrita Sandra McClanahan, Integrative Medicine physician and author and many others.

The curriculum includes Swami Satchidananda’s interpretation of the Yoga Sutras as they apply to dealing with pain and suffering, illness and disease, life and death, and daily challenges.

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